On Home Review Course:

“I recently took the building technology course from NK Dorf and found it invaluable in the preparation for this test. I am a bad test taker and have to be way over-prepared to perform like a normal person during the exam. I do not know the results of this test yet but have high confidence in success. I have taken other courses and none are nearly as effective. I received as much feedback as I needed and would highly advise his course for anyone taking the ARE graphic portions. I was not asked or paid to post this message.”

Tim M.

“All went very well….I felt very strong on all 6 vignettes! It was really quite easy. Anyway, your help has made all the difference; I’m gonna mention how much it helped on the ARE forum.”

Tim M.
(reported passing the test)

“Well Professor, we did it. I got my results yesterday and I wanted to say thanks once again. I do not think I would have been able to do it without your tutelage. I promise to continue to pass the word about your expertise around down here. You are the man, as they say … I’d like to meet you in person. Please let me know if you are coming this way for any speaking engagements or anything … thanks a million.”

Kip O.

“I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to let you know that your review courses from June/July, 1997 helped me pass both Building Planning & Building Technology, and I finally got my license last Friday.

Thanks for the advice and help. Thanks again.”

Steve W.

Subject: Kudos to Professor Dorf

“I am an intern going through the ARE Computer testing format, and I wanted to post a quick heads up to other interns doing the same. I called on Professor Dorf a couple of times in the past couple months to ask questions about the exam. Just simple little questions, such as why you cannot recess an egress door on the Building design exam to keep it out of the corridor egress flow. Professor Dorf was the link I needed. At a time when information on the computer ARE is hard to come by, he was very helpful and I recommend his services highly. Any questions, feel free to e-mail me for more information.”

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Peter L., Associate AIA
National AIA Intern Associate Committee

On Workshops:

“Rave reviews continue to come in about your seminar this weekend. The focus, the clarity of explanation, the practical experience of taking the exam and then, almost immediately, learning the results were extremely beneficial to the exam candidates. They now know how to take the exam and how to prepare for it.

Thank you for working with us. It is a hard weekend’s work for you, but I noticed that you were as patient, engaging, clear and helpful on Sunday afternoon as if you had just begun. The Chapter is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to Interns in their journey toward full professional status. We plan to make your visit an annual event.”

Martha Murphree, Hon. AIA,
Executive Director, Houston AIA

“Mr. Dorf is not only a gentleman, but truly is an ‘architect’s architect’. His descriptions were clear and concise, and the course material thorough. He took the mystery out of the exam for those involved through detailed descriptions of the vignettes and the solutions that each required. 

I have used several other study guides, and found them lacking in one respect or another.  Mr. Dorf’s course and study guide, “Solutions,” is head and shoulders above the rest.  

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has to take the Architect Registration Examination.

Christopher L. Boney
Associate AIA

“The workshop was incredibly helpful. Norman reviews both graphic exams in a clear, easy-to-follow format”

Margot H.
University of British Columbia

“Norman went through the exam step by step using current examples in his presentation so that I could see exactly where I went wrong in my last attempt. I went into the Division C examination feeling confident.”

David Y.
University of British Columbia

“Norman explained the pitfalls that trap most of us and some simple techniques to overcome them. I would recommend the workshop to anyone who would rather not sit Division C more than once”

Deborah S.
University of British Columbia

“The simulated Building Design exam and the workshop were extremely helpful and of great value in preparing Interns for the Architect Registration Examination. Exam candidates have expressed that they feel much more confident in their ability to sit the exams after having taken your lectures.”

Kenneth C.
Lecture Coordinator
Architectural Institute of British Columbia

“Professor Dorf was a very personable and professional teacher who not only taught well, but was very patient and had many facets of knowledge to offer the class.”

Unsigned Course Evaluation
New York University

“Norm was a very qualified instructor and taught with much certainty and skill, presenting the course material very clearly. His teaching helped me simplify the complexity of the course material”

Unsigned Course Evaluation
New York University

“Professor Dorf was great! He went over the material in a no-nonsense, unegotistical, interesting way.  …I felt absolutely energized in his class; it was as if someone had turned on the light. He talked with us as design professionals, not just just some dummies that had not passed the exam … I feel very prepared and confident because I took Prof. Dorf’s course. I have and will recommend it to all my friends that have to take this exam”

Unsigned Course Evaluation
New York University

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