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The 190 page study guide solutions describes each vignette type in detail, its components, serious considerations, recommendations how to approach each problem, time saving tips and scoring issues. Sample problems are provided for each vignette such that the reader may attempt their own solutions before reviewing sample answers. Each sample problem has commentary on the program requirements, serious issues to watch out for, and/or interpretive analysis. 

Sample failing and passing solutions are shown for each vignette type with comments on why the solutions fared as they did. Some fatal errors have purposely NOT been identified on each failing solution as an exercise to force the reader to review the program constraints carefully (these errors are, however, identified on the last page of each Chapter)

Included are general information guidelines on preparing and taking the exam with a discourse on how the vignettes are scored by the computer.

solutions is updated monthly to answer candidate concerns, learned from discussions with interns at workshops and from email inquiries.

What the critics have said :

“… provides a comprehensive view of the graphics divisions … his recommendations for accurate and complete answers and his explanations of how each problem is scored, exceed similar information…”

“If there is any thought in your mind about taking the site planning and design portions of the newly computerized Architect Registration Exam any time soon, you have to, have to, have to get solutions.”

“Dorf’s guide is reassuring as he walks you through the process, like a friendly hand on your shoulder to steady your step and lead you through the wilds of the ARE.  Its true beauty is that the text and illustrations are crystal clear.  It is not a coffee table beauty contest winner, but it is sure useful.”

Samples for your viewing:

  • Table of Contents
  • Example Passing Solution
  • Example Failing Solution
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