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Norman K. Dorf, AIA  B. Arch, MIT 1963; Licensed in the State of New York.

Following his internship with internationally known architect, Marcel Breuer, Norman Dorf worked with NCARB and ETS (now the Chauncey Group International). For 16 years he participated in grading exams, writing test problems and, as Chairman of the Research and Development Committee, developed the new computer test format. He served 10 years as a member of the New York State Board for Architecture and 2 years on the NCARB Board of Directors.

There are very few sources available to those Interns who need assistance in preparing to take the exam, especially with the new computerized format now being utilized. For the past 13 years, he has been teaching exam preparation courses and conducting workshops for the Graphic Divisions of the examination at numerous cities and areas around North America, including San Francisco, Houston, Washington, Alaska, Atlanta, Michigan, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans and New York. He has been selected to lecture on the exam at numerous Institutions including New York University, the New York Institute of Technology, Puerto Rico College of Architecture, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Toronto. He was invited to lecture on this exam in Seoul, Korea in Spring 2001. Mr. Dorf was selected by the National AIA to lecture on the examination at the last four annual conventions, and next year’s convention in Los Angeles (see detailed schedule of past and present  workshops ).

Professor Dorf has now made available both a Home Study Course (his students are boasting a 91% passing rate on the Graphic Divisions), and a 190 page Study Guide solutions  geared toward architectural interns who are preparing for the graphic portions of the new Architect Registration Examination. 

This workbook is updated monthly to clarify issues and questions posed by candidates. It has been recently published in Korea to help interns prepare for their own examination, which is currently modeled after the A.R.E.

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